ROAR Rules update

August 14, 2014

Rule 8.2.3

All chassis (including optional/aftermarket) in all electric classes (except those specifically noted) MUST accept batteries up to the maximum dimensions allowed for its application. Chassis must have at least 1 standard configuration (standard configuration to be saddle or stick pack) to fit a battery of maximum dimensions for that class or it will not be considered legal, and the racer will be disqualified. Foam blocks/spacers are permitted to help secure any size battery in its position. Electronics may also be located within the battery area when "shorty" or smaller legal batteries are used, provided that "permanent" mounts for the aforementioned don't preclude the installation of full size battery or saddle pack of maximum dimensions. The only exception is 1/8 off-road where it's common to use two battery packs to achieve the maximum 4S configuration, or to use a single 4S battery, which has a different specification. Only under these circumstances will the fitting of either configuration be considered legal, but the production chassis must still conform to batteries of the maximum allowable dimensions. Should a question arise as to whether the chassis will accept a full size pack it will be up to the racer to prove that the chassis meets all requirements.

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June 14 - June 17, 2018
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